UIPM Modern Biathle is a sub-sport of modern pentathlon invented to create opportunities for training the run and swim parts of pentathlon in real race conditions.

It can also be seen as a sport in its own right. It bears close resemblance to aquathlon which also contains swimming and running but comes from triathlon sport. It should not be confused with biathlon.

Biathle is an event that involves a run, swim, and run. It is a world class sport but not an Olympic one. The legs are raced with continuous transitions like triathlon. The race length is usually 200 m swim and 3 km run, which is shorter than aquathlon usually is.

A variant is Winter Biathle which has indoor swimming and does not have continuous transitions.

UIPM wishes to see more nations organizing Biathle competitions, in or out of the Biathle World Tour and we do aim to achieve more nations also thanks to this promotional event across the world.

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